Saturday, March 27, 2010


Below is a list of the symptoms I experienced. It can be a quick "Aha" for checking if you're having a similar reaction.

1. Immediate sensation in the head that something is tightening up. A gripping sensation, like something is grabbing your brain.

2. Irritability, that comes on quickly at breathing the fumes. A fairly swift change of mood.

3. Irritation in the nose and throat.

Note: Over time additional responses appear:

4. Flu-like symptoms (chemical flu) that include, nausia, achyness, general tiredness. It is an exhaustion that does not feel normal.

5. A feeling of having been poisoned. You do not feel normal, a sense that something is affecting you that is not a normal sickness.

6. Numbness and tingling in the hands, fingers and face, especially around the mouth.

7. In time, there was a hightened sense of smell. It was as if not only was the inside of the nose extremely sensitive and irritated, but that the nose was in overdrive, warrily searching for smells to avoid. Almost like a your nose acting as a warning signal to run from smells. This was extremely distracting to live with.

8. A sense of confusion set in and one simply felt that one's thinking was not up to par. I could tell that something was interferring with my normal thinking ability.

9. Lastly, a sense of extreme fatigue sets in. One feels like one could just lay down and die. Made me wonder if I was coming down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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